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Episode One: The Inheritance

Episode One: The Inheritance

An Introduction to the Novel Series The Desert Road of Night

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Episode Notes:

Originally published on February 21, 2023, in the following post called The Inheritance, this first episode is meant to introduce not only my novels but also the themes that I will be tackling in my podcast in the near future, such as generational trauma and consensual power dynamics.

Also mentioned in the episode are my novels, which are now available through the following platforms:

The Beautiful World of the Alive: Amazon | Barnes & Noble.

Cash Money: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Eulogy for an Old Lover and Other Poems: Amazon | Barnes & Noble.

Look me up on social media through the following platforms:

X (Twitter) | Instagram

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A podcast by V. E. Marés devoted to exploring provocative ideas related to love and desire in relationships based on consensual power dynamics.
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